The most asked question we get is how can I get signed with a modeling agency? So we're going to clear it up for you as we’ve asked Noticed Models director Roberta Schulz on her top tips to getting signed with an agency.


There are many agencies around the world and with the vast options available you sometimes might get blindsided by scams who present themselves as agencies. An agency will never ask you to pay a fee to get signed and if something doesn’t feel right don’t do it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before you sign any contract or do any job.  Be wise and do your research. A good website to help you find reputable agencies that are great in the industry are available on 


Digitals, polaroids, polas, casting photos. There are so many words for them but they all mean the same thing. Digitals are your first doorstep into an agency for the signing process. Take images when you're feeling your best in a simple outfit. Black on black or white on black is always the best options. No makeup, no retouching, no fancy outfits. Be yourself and remember simplicity is key here.


It’s no surprise that social media has become one of the biggest tools around the world, especially in the fashion industry. It’s helped many of the new generation of models, designers and creatives around the world to work for the biggest name brands and make a career out of it. Instagram shouldn’t be your modeling book where it’s constant professional images from photoshoots. It should be the opposite. Give a little insight on your life on a lazy beach day with no makeup or having fun with friends.  A post here and there from a photoshoot is good but don’t let it overshadow your personality.


Now that you’ve found an agency of your choice, taken beautiful digitals, organized your social media, it’s now time to submit your details to the agency. Be honest about your measurements because at the end of the day once you secure a meeting with the agency they will eventually take your measurements. If they aren’t accurate to what you’ve submitted it could tarnish the opportunity. If you aren’t sure about your measurements you can always head down to a tailor to get measured or find someone to help you.


Agencies are very busy. They deal with many people at once wanting to book their models for campaigns and shoots and it can get very hectic especially during fashion month! So once you’ve submitted everything just sit back and wait for your email. A follow-up reminder after a week is ok just to give the agents a heads up. Submissions are never ignored and in fact, they’re always reviewed constantly. Be patient and they’ll get back to you.



Working in fashion or film as a talent comes with a lot of yes and no from casting directors and agencies. The callback or emails whatever you wanna call it can be nerve-racking and exciting at the same time. If you got a yes that’s great! If you didn’t make the cut it’s ok !. Don’t take rejection personally and don’t let it stop you from pursuing your dreams. It might not be the right time, the right agency, or the right project for you. There’s always something out there for you and you just have to keep trying.